First and foremost, the trip was amazing, magical, fulfilling, etc. (I think there are numerous descriptions I am missing here). After dreaming about Peru and Machu Picchu for so long, it was incredible to finally make it a reality.


As far as the good/great is concerned, I think Ancient Summit did a great job in coordinating everything and making the process and trip as seamless as possible. It was very easy for us to rely on our guides for needed help without needing to worry about figuring things out on our own. Miguel was fabulous and made a huge difference in the enjoyment of the trip. He was not only accommodating of our needs and requests but he also made it pleasant to be around and he learned to appreciate our sense of humor. I think it was also helpful to be able to adjust our plans each day depending on our interests at the time and the circumstances. I had originally been interested in the cooking class but I was glad we could change our plans so we had more time in Cusco. The lunch at Aida’s home and the visit to the school were very enjoyable and were part of what I had hoped to accomplish on the trip as well in having exposure to some of the locals. Casa del Sol in Aguas Calientes was wonderful with some of the best service we have ever received.


The trip was a dream come true and I feel more complete as a person having taken it. As Lucinda, Miguel and I discussed during our journey, I don’t cry at movies or many things in life but I did cry several times while visiting and in anticipation of visiting Machu Picchu, even though I was sick part of the time. This trip was very meaningful to me and I am thankful we were able to arrange it. I greatly appreciate Ancient Summit’s help in bringing this trip together in such short notice and in executing everything so well. I will carry fond memories of this trip for as long as my brain continues to function. Thank you for everything!

Matt Glinn (Matt And Lucind visited in 2015)

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