My family and I just returned from a 12-day journey through Peru and with all honesty it was the best trip we have ever taken together as a family.

I have nothing but praise for Ancient Summit Tours and its owner, Nina Fogelman.

It took a while for me to find Nina. Initially, I spoke with representatives from some other companies who specialized in travel to Peru. All provided me with what I realized later were generic itineraries. My experience with Nina was completely different. Nina has incredible knowledge of Peru, its culture, sights and people.

Since Nina has both lived and worked in Peru, she uses all her connections to ensure a seamless, unique and fantastic adventure.

Through many conversations on the phone and via email, Nina took time to get to know me and my family. She was especially interested in ensuring that we arranged fun activities for our 9.5 year-old son who was traveling with us and as a result, our itinerary included zip-lining in the Sacred Valley after a rigorous one hour hike to the top of a mountain, a wild dune buggy ride and sandboarding in Paracas, and a visit to a shop in Cusco where we learned all about chocolate and then made our own treats.


As Nina promised, we were only provided with carefully vetted professional guides and drivers for our journey. The guide we had throughout most of our trip, Nick Santander, was the absolute best! He was warm, friendly, patient, extremely knowledgeable and used his charm to ensure that we hardly ever had to wait in line or be inconvenienced in any way.

We felt and were treated like VIP’s the entire time.

Peru is a magical destination. While our initial reason for traveling to Peru was to visit Machu Picchu, which was still the highlight of the trip, we came to realize how much more Peru has to offer. We will definitely be back and when we do, we will be contacting Nina Fogelman at Ancient Summit to make all our arrangements.

The Merling-Wythe Family
South Orange, NJ
April 2017