It is challenging at best to form the words on how meaningful my recent journey to Peru was – for these words can’t truly capture this life-changing experience. From the very outset in reaching out to Nina Fogelman and Ancient Summit regarding an idea to vacation and explore the wonders of Peru, as well as throughout the entire excursion, Nina and her staff were diligent with every aspect of this adventure. No stone was left unturned, and even during the time there – when wanting to improvise the previously set agenda for a specific day, the ease to do so was smooth and done without concern.

Once the details for the vacation were set into motion – after consultation with Nina on several occasions over the phone, specific instructions were provided to make trip preparations well in advance. Also, care and support were provided from the minute of arrival in Lima until departure back to the United States. Particularly valued were moments during the journey when Nina called to confirm all was going well and better than expected. If changes needed to be made – of which were few and far between, she immediately worked out particulars with the appropriate personnel. Nina’s love of Peru unconditionally extends to the traveler who is under her watchful eye.

Every person who was part of this Peruvian experience was friendly, considerate, and informative. Most especially, the assigned guide during the journey throughout the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco – who had been thoroughly vetted by Nina, as she does with everyone who is part of your journey – was superb. By the end of this marvelous trip, a wonderful friendship and deep bond had been formed.

The beauty of this country is beyond description. To experience the mouth-watering delights of delicious cuisine while being constantly inspired and enraptured by the sites from ancient times was thrilling – each and every day. To be immersed in the culture with the local people while being in awe of their artistry and love for one another was stirring. To walk the Inca trails to witnessing the amazing wonders of nature from land to air energized my body, opened my mind, and made my heart sing.

If you want to enjoy one of the best trips of your lifetime, then without hesitation, reach out to Nina and Ancient Summit to make it happen. I will be forever grateful to them, and look forward to returning to this magnificent place.


With much appreciation,

Mark Stephenson