We put our trust in Ancient Summit and Nina not just for the expense, but for our precious time and possibly our one and only trip to a foreign land.  The customization that Nina provided was the best.  She did not present us with a one size fits all tour.

She learned who we were, what we liked, our families abilities in outdoor activities, desire for great food, learning experiences for our kids…without getting a bunch of stuffy places  to stay in.  We wanted to feel Peru, and not feel as we were just resorting it.  Every day and every meal was a new adventure to look forward to.  The unexpected wonders became the norm.  A cooking class at a chef’s café with a tour of the market.  Not in a guide book.  Birthday cakes for us at a locals home. She picked great accommodations, great restaurants that were safe for us, timing the trip so we could avoid the crowds at Machu Picchu, finding great guides at every turn.   A trip to Peru where Machu Picchu was not the highlight.  Thanks.

Craig Schrager

Christina Murphy

Malachi  (15)   and Maddie (18)