We want to thank you first, Nina, for putting together an unbelievable itinerary. We know a lot of work went into setting up such an elaborate trip, which most of the heavy lifting was done on your end. This part allowed us to focus on our wedding planning. For that reason alone we are truly grateful. Many of the excursions you recommended were the best moments of the trip: horseback riding, the salt terraces, Ollantaytambo and the Larco Herrera Museum, to name a few. In addition, the hotels and restaurants that you included were top notch. The drinks and foods we were introduced to were absolutely amazing; from the traditional Pisco Sour to Causa (and the story behind it) to Aji de Gallina and we can’t forget all the exotic fruits. We discovered new Peruvian tastes and will seek to find some of these in NYC’s Peruvian food scene. FYI – we did not sample the cuy. Lastly, Machu Picchu was the part of the trip we were looking forward to the most going in. It did not disappoint! I am glad we were able to maximize our visit. We had plenty of time to sit back and marvel at this great beauty. You truly deserve to be recognized for the service you provide.

We couldn’t think of two better people to lead the way than our guide Manuel and driver Mario. Both gentlemen were extremely professional and courteous. Their knowledge of the areas, people and sites we visited was extremely impressive. What made the experience even more pleasurable was their willingness to share their personal stories with us. We had some thought provoking conversations mixed in with humor. It made us feel like we were on vacation with friends. We will always remember the times we spent with them.

We also want to thank the others who joined us along the way from the minute we arrived at the Lima airport and then Cuzco to our final destination back in Lima. Every member of your team was fantastic and a pleasure to be around. They made us feel like honored guests. We also cannot forget Philippa who helped us with some great recommendations and booked our wonderful last dinner at Central.

We would have loved to have spent more time at the authentic small village that your son runs. I think this is a wonderful visit that you include on your trips. We were treated to a short musical show by a couple of kids who were present. The women were very pleasant and gave us a great lesson on how the fabric is made.
The only ugly experiences I can think of were losing my smartphone on the travel back from Machu Picchu and Kathleen getting sick due to the high altitude in Cuzco. However none of these events put a damper on our honeymoon.

Finally, we have been sharing our stories with family and friends. Friday was the first time I was able to look at our pictures and it brought a huge smile to my face. We’re not sure when we’ll have the opportunity to get back to Peru but the memories will live with us forever.

I cannot praise Ancient Summit enough, I even forgot my jewelry case at the hotel in Cusco, but Nina’s team got it back for me and Nina herself brought it back to the states before mailing it to me back in New York.

Will Daniel & Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Astoria, New York – Honeymoon Trip