As five female students at or under the age of eighteen it was difficult for us to plan a trip on our own. We searched long and hard for someone to help us and Nina was the only one who was able to accommodate such a young group. Nina was able to guide us without being overbearing and catered a trip specifically to our interests.

Through Ancient Summit we were able to cover an amazing amount of ground in just three weeks. We spent time in Cuzco, Lima, Puno, Aguas Calientes, and a rural community. We hiked the Inca trail, went white water rafting, swam with sea lions, toured the floating islands and visited markets, museums, and churches along with countless Inca ruins. We stayed in hotels, hostels, with local families, and with Nina’s friends.

Working with Ancient Summit was unique because we were able to get a real feel for daily life as a Peruvian. We visited villages, met locals, attended community festivals and ate traditional meals with residents. We were also able to give back on our trip and enjoyed working in a local village. Here we taught children how to brush their teeth, painted a learning center, and helped with daily chores. Ancient Summit also provided us with the chance to learn the ins and outs of village life. We learned to take the cows to graze, how to make soap out of a root to clean sheep wool, how to weave and how to harvest and prepare potatoes. Nina provided us with a good balance between tourism and cultural activities.

We particularly enjoyed the fantastic meals throughout the trip even as we hiked the Inca trail. Peru is one the breadbaskets of the world. Everything is fresh and delicious. Our particular favorite was Causa Limena, which included potato, avocado, and chicken or tuna, which we inhaled everywhere we visited.

We would love to return to Peru again and will certainly be using Ancient Summit when we do. Thank you Nina and crew for a fantastic experience.