If you want to travel to Peru and personally experience the history and culture of the people of Peru, then travel Peru with Ancient Summit.

My husband and I have been traveling internationally for many years. We’ve traveled all across the world, including to remote parts of Central America, South America, and Africa with and without the assistance of travel companies. From our extensive travel experience we’ve come to understand the benefits and draw backs of booking with travel agencies and/or tour companies. We firmly believe that we could have successfully traveled to Peru based on our perspective utilizing the tons of travel information that is available on the internet and in books. However, based on our experience using Ancient Summit for our travel to Peru we now recognize that by using Ancient Summit it allowed our experience in Peru to be from the Peruvian perspective and not a internet/book limited perspective.

While most of the travel companies utilize a combination of the same tour guide staff (including many of the high end travel companies), Ancient Summit is very selective with who they choose to represent them based on our observations. This seemed to allow them to better serve their clients (i.e. the traveler). The group of tour guides and hosts that we met on our tour felt more like family members and less like tour guides or strangers as we’ve experienced in most cases with other tour companies.

To give you a real example, we were personally warned by the head of Ancient Summit to be cautious about eating some of the food at some of the local markets that we would be traveling to. Again, being experienced travelers, we actually got a little too comfortable and did eat some food at a local market that made us very ill (“hospital ill”). All of our tour guides were informed of our situation and in each location that we traveled the guides/company staff actually took care of us and were very accommodating since their service was based on being honest and personal.

By using Ancient Summit, we were able to experience Peru from the perspective of a Peruvian. Ancient Summit provided us with the opportunity to travel to parts of Peru that were not “touristy” and that offered a rich experience of the everyday life and culture. In addition, our tour guides provided us with great recommendations for restaurants and we were even able to eat a great lunch of typical Peruvian foods prepared by locals.

Because we had such a great experience in Peru, we highly suggest Ancient Summit for your travels in Peru.

Andrea and Tykus