You Are Not Dreaming……That Dolphin REALLY is Pink!

Peru is uniquely diverse, with an astounding variety of wildlife. The Peruvian Amazon is home to the  surreal pink dolphins. Come and see for yourself  with your meticulously customized visit to Peru.  Ancient Summit


One of the most magical animals in Peru, and perhaps in the world, is the Amazon’s pink dolphin (aka  Boto). The river dolphins really are pink, especially the adults, though some turn partially gray. It is speculated that the presence of capillaries near to the dolphin’s skin surface causes the pink color – but no one knows for sure! Regardless the reason, an encounter with these gentle mammals is an inspiring event.

Botos are the largest river dolphins on the planet, and weigh up to 400 pounds. They can grow longer than a human is tall, and reach almost 9 feet in length. Though they are enormous, the dolphins are not ubiquitous throughout the region – due in part to their murky flooded habitat, but also due to their vulnerable status and decreasing population.

The Boto can live in any freshwater river, and is easier to see in deeper water near sharp bends and sandbars. When the flood season arrives, and the forests themselves flood high with water, Botos tend to move out of the main river and into the forest itself, as they appear to enjoy swimming through the trees.


Botos are extremely playful, and willingly come into contact with humans. Reports of Botos returning lost objects (and even surfacing for a friendly stroke) are common. Other visitors have told tales of Botos’ playful nips and games of “tag”. Some lucky people have even been given a “ride” and best of all….a hug! They often swim right to the boat in order to get a closer look at their visitors.

In Peru, the Boto is said to have supernatural powers. One story suggests the drowned spirits enter the bodies of Botos, which causes the animal to change into a handsome young man. The rumor of otherworldly powers and gifts have kept Botos somewhat although not totally safe from hunting. Are you looking to have a Boto experience? Don’t wait! Begin planning  your authentic luxury Peru travel with the experts at Ancient Summit – they’ll ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime!

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