One of the most intriguing mysteries of the world waits within Peru, called the Nazca Lines, a perfect place to visit during your personalized  and custom travel. The Nazca Lines are a set of ancient geoglyphs (a large design created on the ground) in Southern Peru’s Nazca Desert. They are the most famous, largest, and well-known geoglyphs in the whole world. The lines stretch over a 50 mile range, between the little towns on Nazca and Palpa, about 250 miles south of Lima.

Nazca Lines in Peru

Geoglyph scholars believe the lines are extremely ancient, created thousands of years ago between 500 BC and 500 AD. The designs were formed by people of the ancient Nazca culture, by moving the reddish pebbles of the groundcover just deep enough to expose the gray earth beneath, which would have taken hundreds of hands a very long time.

The shapes of the designs include very complex figures such as animals, people, and plants. Some of the designs are hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, whales, humans, monkeys, and lizards. These complex shapes would have taken very organized and detailed planning and management. Hundreds of other shapes appear to be geometric and very simple lines, which would also be simpler to complete.

The arid, windless climate of the area has kept the lines very naturally preserved. They are beautiful to behold and an awe-inspiring connection to people who lived on the land thousands of years ago. The Nazca lines were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, to attempt to preserve the wonderful cultural heritage of the drawings and their beauty.

Nazca Lines in Peru  Nazca Lines in Peru 

To this day, scholars are unsure of the purpose and representation of the designs, but they guess that they had religious significance to the ancient culture. One popular hypothesis is that the Nazca people created the designs to be viewed by their gods. Other scientists suggested that the lines are related to astronomy, as a way to point to stars and bodies of the sky. Some archaeologists believe that the lines are part of religious practices and worship of deities, and that the lines are sacred paths. While a popular myth suggests that the lines are only visible from flight, they can actually be seen from the surrounding hills as well.

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