When I started to think about a trip to Peru in the spring of 2009, I thought that I could do all the planning. After all, years ago I had no problems when I travelled (without assistance from a travel agent)
across Europe and Mexico. But since my 22 year-old son was going to be with me, I researched travel agents for Peru. When I discovered a recommendation for Ancient Summit at Fodor’s, I contacted Nina
Fogelman. I am very glad I did so.

Nina found out what was important to us and planned the whole trip accordingly. It had some very complicated logistics involving planes, vans and trains. Her representatives and guides met us at
every juncture. The transitions were seamless, and the inevitable disruptions were taken care of. We experienced two national strikes and a cancelled plane flight during our time in Peru. These were not
problems with Nina’s staff overseeing us. Our Cusco guide, Pilar, was especially knowledgeable and personable. After lunch at her friend Aida’s in the Sacred Valley, we felt like we were part of her

We were awfully glad we weren’t in those packed buses that we saw descending on tourist sites. Nina arranged for us to be in a van with just a driver and our guide. This allowed us to see sights in the
Sacred Valley, Cusco and at Machu Picchu at our own pace and without being crowded. Our trek around Ausangate mountain was spectacular, remote and solitary. We saw one group of trekkers on our first day,
and another on the fifth day of our seven day trip. Both of those groups were huge while ours was just my son, me and five Llama Path porters. On the trek that Nina organized, we met local llama herders
and school children we will never forget.

The package that Nina put together for our visit to Peru allowed us to experience both the culture and the sights of this amazing country. I heartily recommend her services.

Michael B., Portland, Oregon