August 2009

Thanks to you and your team, we had an amazing trip to Peru. The plan was so well put together that we got to see everything in spite of some health issues. We may have caught some bug in the Amazon. Jimmy, Mitchell and Raul were so very nice. Your Cusco team was quite efficient and got things very well organized. At one point it appeared that our MP trip may get shortened due to the strike but your team was able to pull it off and kept us on schedule. So much so, that we were the only ones on the entire train to AC!! You were right about Peru. It is such a beautiful country. The most fascinating are its people. Everyone is so nice and helpful. The staff at the hotels we stayed at were very courteous and polite. Aida is an amazing cook and a very nice person. We loved visiting the local community that you work with. Julio is a person full of energy. The kids are adorable. If any of your prospective clients need to get a first hand idea from us, we would be happy to speak to them.

Avneesh & Shulagna