Nina did a wonderful job with our trip, she was able to customize it to our budget and we ended up with an amazing cultural experience with private guides, no groups and intimate hotels for much less than a group tour would cost.

Nina called us several times on our trip to see how things were going and we were able to make changes during the trip to accomodate our needs.

Nina introduced us to her friends and family and our main guide Oscar was absolutely wonderful. We were able to see and do things most tourists miss out on. Every transportation need was handled for us, we never had to worry about looking for taxis, missing flights or where to stash our stuff when we were trecking.

Nina gave us hotel options and we were able to see them on the internet and compare before choosing. All hotels were great, we traveled budget, and the owners took great care of us with special gifts or room upgrades.

This was the first vacation we have taken using any sort of guide or travel agency and it has changed how we will travel in the future. It would not have been possible to see and do what we did without Nina.

I would not hesitate to to use her for your trip and I guarantee you will not regret it.
Have a wonderful time, Peru is amazing and seeing it thru people that live there is a once in a lifetime experience.