Thanks for all of your input and arrangements for our trip to Peru. I loved the country, the people, and the food. It was an amazing week. The accommodations were all great, and exactly what I would have booked. I especially enjoyed the stay at Quinta Patawasi with Jim and his wife, and the lunch with Aida and her husband. Our guide, Gerson was well informed and encouraging on the trail. There are a lot of stairs, which we don’t have where I live at sea level, so wish I had been in a little better shape, although Mel and Amanda were fine. Gerson knew the names of all the plants and what they were used for, which was of great interest to me. You are very good with the Sacred Valley part of the trip, having lived there. We felt we were part of a family there. I’m very happy that Melanie found you, you did our arrangements, and I am very happy with your company. I would certainly recommend you. I hope to go back someday, maybe in a couple years. Thanks for all your help. It was a wonderful experience, and Machu Picchu was magical in the early morning mist.

Aloha, Mary Ann Smiles (Melanie Dixon party)

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