If you’re thinking about bringing your younger children…

Everything was great. We have no complaints whatsoever. We are already talking about going back. Everyone stayed healthy. No one felt any effects of the altitude. Everyone (you assigned to us was great. Unless you don’t like the press, I am planning on writing a glowing and detailed report on TripAdvisor.com, which I typically do after my trips.

The best food we had, by the way, was at Tres Keros in Urubamba. Riccardo was a character. My 5-year-old fell in love with llamas and alpacas. The 9-year-old wasn’t quite up to following me up Huayna Picchu, but we all spent 7 hours on site.

Everyone loves you, by the way. We felt like we would find a statue of you in one of the Cusco or Lima cathedrals/churches.

The girls loved the bones. They thought sliding down the rocks on their butts at Sacsayhuaman was “awesome”. They think the idea of eating cuy is gross.

One of our favorite places in Cusco was the local market across the street from San Pedro church. Jennifer took a photo of some local women veggie vendors sitting on the floor and got pelted by vegetables. The girls couldn’t get enough of looking at sheep heads being sawed in half, cow snouts, pig feet, sheep brains, kidneys, hearts, tongues, buckets of live toads, piles of grubs (or some sort of larvae), and all the other things that you don’t see here when we go to the supermarket and everything gross has already been done behind the scenes and the products are presented to you shrink-wrapped.