Hi Nina, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip to Peru that you arranged for my family. I have to admit that I have never done business with anyone over the internet and I was very cautious to arrange an international trip with anyone I couldn’t see face to face. After several hours of checking your references to make sure you were legitimate, which, by the way, everyone gave you glowing reviews, I decided to go forward with having you arrange our Peruvian Fantasy. Without a doubt you did a great job putting the trip together and making sure that everything went smoothly. I hereby add my name to the list of people who raved about your performance! Not one thing went wrong on our trip…and that’s pretty good when traveling in a third world country. Every airport transfer was there waiting patiently for our arrival, each hotel was quaint and clean, each tour guide was knowledgeable and professional. Special reference goes to Oscar our tour guide for several days. He is a very special person and his love of Peru and Quechuan culture are positively infectious.

Traveling with my children in Peru I felt absolutely safe. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was more cautious because my children were involved. Not once did I feel in danger. You itinerary and close attention to detail were well laid out at a pace that we were comfortable with. I knew that you were following our movement through Peru and if anything went wrong you, Oscar or Debbie would be right on top of making things right. It was nice having you in the states and Oscar and Debbie in Peru, it was like having a double layer of security. Of course, nothing went wrong and we felt well cared for the entire trip.

Most importantly, Nina, thank you for saving me from the tour bus! I was originally going to travel with a large group on a tour bus. There is no way for me to express how grateful I am to you for saving me from experiencing Peru in that manner. The small one to one experience is the only way to go. Our family wasn’t just herded through Peru with 40 other people. Instead we were embraced by the Peruvian people in a much more personal and intimate way, walking through small villages, eating in Aida’s home, driving the back roads, seeing Peru at our own pace.

Peru is such a beautiful country with wonderful, warm and gentle people. Thank you Nina for showing me “Peru your way”. It was truly a Peruvian Fantasy, a trip of a lifetime. My family and I have been touched forever.

Kelly K.
Sacramento, California