Nina Fogelman

Nina Fogelman

“I have lived and traveled to many places but nothing ever impacted me like this magical country. Peru taught me so much about life, my relationship with others and with the world around me. When friends came to visit, it was very important for me to share this with them and so I showed them Peru my way. Now I would like to share my Peru with you.”

Nina’s Journey

My name is Nina Fogelman, and my life-changing story with Peru began in 1983. I moved to Peru after accepting a one-year contract as Director of an Alternative Healing Arts Institute located in the Cusco area. I had no idea how Peru would fill my heart with love, hope and a brand new life.

During my time in Peru, I lived in the Sacred Valley and became so much a part of the culture that I “love adopted” four beautiful children who have since grown into extraordinary adults with children, lives and careers in Peru. Over the past 30 years, Peru has become more than just a location on a map to me; it has become my home, my life, my heart and my soul.

The people of Peru are my family and when you travel with Ancient Summit, you are an extended part of that family. We welcome you with open arms and avail you the opportunity to see the Peru I know and love.

As your Cultural Hostess, I invite you to assist in the creation of your journey by sharing your hopes and dreams with me. If you will allow, I’ll add my insider’s point of view so you can immerse yourself in “Peru Your Way” – a revelatory travel experience that will change your life’s story.

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