The list has the ancient ruins of Choquequirao ranked first in the list of Best in Travel 2017, under the category of “Regions”.

The ancient ruins of Choquequirao ranked first in Lonely Planet’s list of Best in Travel 2017, under the category of “Regions”. PromPeru reported that this prestigious ranking of world destinations is recommended and put together by international travel experts, authors and guides. The ancient ruins should for sure be included in any luxury travel to Peru.

The list, published yesterday by Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide in the world, encourages travelers to picture Choquequirao as a space that still gives you the opportunity to discover it as an explorer:

Lonely Planet Choquequirao Peru

“In the Inca citadel you will be able to sit alone and appreciate the mountains, admire from above the Apurimac River or watch the flight of the condors,” tells the article.

Visit in the early days, or take the four-day trek in Inca footsteps, and have a taste of Machu Picchu all to yourself.

The archaeological site, located in Cusco, topped other impressive locations in the category, such as Taranaki in New Zealand, Azores in Portugal, North Wales and South Australia, among others amazing locations around the globe.

Choquequirao is an Inca citadel located in the province of La Convencion, in Cusco. It is part of the archaeological complex by the same name and it includes impressive terraces, platforms, ceremonial plazas, temples, all connected by long stairways and an elaborate network of roads. In its surroundings you can also find a huge variety of flora and fauna.

Source: Andina

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