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Ecuador & Galapagos

“Ecuador is a most unique place, immersed in culture and natural beauty;  host to beaches, mountains and rainforests, and home to wildlife like nowhere else on earth.” ~Anonomous

Travel Ecuador & Galapagos

Why Should You Travel Ecuador With Us?

Any tour of Ecuador can give you a glimpse of the country’s various cultures and beautiful scenery. A custom tour of Ecuador with Ancient Summit will give you:

  • Genuine and memorable cultural experiences
  • All itineraries are completely customizable
  • Immersion into unparalleled natural beauty
  • An adventure for the thrill seeker that lives within you
  • Our personal hands-on planning and luxurious care
  • Insider knowledge of best available Galapagos cruises

Ecuador Guayaquil Travel

Travel Ecuador by Destination

It’s true the rugged and beautiful volcanic islands of the Galapagos are the most popular destinations in Ecuador. But there is so much more we want you to see and do.

There are bustling cities such as Quito, Cuenca, and Guayaquil, home to indigenous markets, arts and crafts, and historical, architectural treasures. Amazing national parks Cotopaxi, Cajas and Podocarpus, offer a variety of adventures from hiking and biking to nature photography and bird watching. There are sandy beaches along the Pacific Coast, snow-capped mountains in the Andes, and the Amazon Rainforest. With its cloud forests, hot springs and thermal pools all waiting to be explored, it’s no wonder this small but diverse country is said by many to have it all.

Visit the Galapagos Islands by Land or by Sea

You can experience the wonders of the Galapagos Islands by land or by sea. And we can help you enjoy every step of your journey. We’ve already chosen the best luxury Galapagos cruises for you, and we can weave these fantastic voyages into a custom itinerary filled with Ecuador’s “must do” destinations and adventures.

Ecuador Travel - Family Adventure

Travel Ecuador by Area of Interest

Do ziplining, horseback riding, rock climbing, scuba diving, mountaineering or hiking sound interesting? Perhaps you prefer a treasure hunt for native art or a much needed “Spa Day” where you can soak your tired muscles in steamy volcanic water. Your entire family can enjoy every moment as you pick your pleasures and adventures in Ecuador.

Travel Ecuador - Wildlife Excursions

Travel in Search of the Rare and Beautiful

Do you fancy a wildlife tour? Thousands of native and endemic species of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and insects, all adapted to life on the equator have made Ecuador their home. Many species are as rare as they are beautiful as in the Calicore Excelsior butterfly (pictured left). And Ecuador’s widely diverse climate gifts this land with a blanket of spectacular vegetation.

Travel Ecuador - Luxury Accomodations

Top it All Off With Our Luxurious Care

Last but certainly not least, a custom tour of Ecuador, the Ancient Summit way, would not be complete without the most beautiful lodging facilities, authentic Ecuadorian cuisine and all the creature comforts of luxury, experiential travel.

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