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The Heart of Ancient Summit

Our name, Ancient Summit, is drawn from the native Quechua tongue, which describes Machu Picchu as “Old Mountain or Ancient Summit.” Our name represents a strong dedication to authentic Andean culture which is expressed in every aspect of your trip with us.

Our dedication is also expressed in our efforts to support and promote responsible tourism. We are passionate about the people of South America and about the preservation of their culture, traditions and more importantly, their survival. We work closely with local communities, travel service providers and tourists, because we believe we can help preserve the delicate ecosystem of the Andes Mountains as well as the treasures of the Inca Empire.

This dedication is one of the many reasons we invite you to travel South America with us. We want to show you this enchanted land our way, in the hopes that you too will fall in love with Peru and Ecuador as they are today and as they should remain tomorrow.

Since 2009, an award-winning film crew has repeatedly visited this village, known for its hospitality and beautiful, handmade weavings. A documentary follows five American friends as they experience a “home stay” with one of the village’s families. Nina’s insights into Peruvian culture, as well as her longstanding project to enhance the children’s education, are featured in the documentary.

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Repairing the World

Ancient Summit is guided by a traditional Hebrew phrase: Tikkun Olam, which means, “repairing the world.” Through cultural exchanges and living tourism, we seek to enhance the lives of Peruvian people, while holding their indigenous culture in the highest regard.

Working closely with the residents in a rural weavers community, we created a learning center for village children, among other efforts. As a result of this enhanced learning environment, several children have gone on to High School and even University.

Each Christmas, we treat the village children to the traditional hot chocolate and sticky buns and we distribute gifts.

Our visitors have found their experience at this beautiful village to be among the highlights of their trip, and many choose to volunteer there or offer donations for the learning center, as well as purchase traditional textiles directly from the weaver with no middlemen.

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Ancient Summit Gives Back - Peru Culture and Travel
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Travel Wisdom

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” – James Michener