A Special Welcome to the Ancient Summit!

There are dimensions to experiencing a country that only an extraordinary kind of visit can reveal. - Nina Fogelman, Owner/Director

Ancient Summit, Inc. and its founder, Nina Fogelman strive to bring these dimensions to life. There are many ways to see Peru, but none as unique as Peru “Our Way”. Nina’s love and devotion for Peru is the result of her nearly 30 year’s immersion into all aspects of this diverse and indescribably amazing destination – Peru! She has the creativity of a visionary and the elegance of an artist, as evidenced by the impeccable way she designs and guides the discerning visitor and vacationer on private visits to give people an experience of a lifetime. Her specialty and passion can be seen by her commitment to continue to create customized, unique visits for people who have Peru on their minds and in their hearts.

Nina, I am very excited for you!!! Anne Marie and I have taken many trips (about 53) and Peru is one of our all time favorites thanks to you. To see what you want and to skip all those things you don’t want is valuable beyond measure. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” Barbara Lewis, Attleboro, MA

Seeing Peru from Nina’s perspective is an event by itself. Traveling to Peru with Ancient Summit gives you the feeling that you are visiting good friends who will go to any extreme to make the time you spend there a truly special and unique experience. We do this with passion, supreme service to our visitors, and high regard and care for Peru’s future.

Begin planning right now!

Luxury travel and cultural immersion definitely do not have to be mutually exclusive. At Ancient Summit we know how to get both accomplished in a way that will create memories that last long after your visit is over. Your visit with us to Peru will satisfy the most demanding travelers’ need for authentic experiences along with creature comfort and safety all tailored precisely to your needs.

“Our expectations were completely blown away by the reality of our experience, and I would recommend you to anyone interested in traveling to Peru.” Shey and Dave (Read More)

If today’s technology would allow, we would reach through the screen and offer you a Pisco Sour or other Peruvian delight to enjoy as we work together on a design for your upcoming visit. We know you will be inspired to JOIN US.

Peru was everything we hoped for and more!